Forum Thread: Wifi...Impairing Brain Function?

I was reading an article online recently about how wifi networks can actually impair your brain function! Personally, I cannot see how the low-energy broadcast could possibly have any effect on the transmission of neural messages, what do you think? 

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sounds like a paranoia... but i'd be interested in reading the source. do you have the link?

There's quite a few, but here's one. It was originally mentioned to me by my dad, who wanted to turn off his wifi every night, just to bug me in the morning to fix it >< 

Seems like another "scare".
This article is about people who are afraid of wifi signals and move to west Virginia to a town that bans Wi-Fi.

Some people just have phobia's. I personally don't think this has any substance behind it. Unlike my phobia - Anatidaephobia.

hahahahaha, i love that one. my phobia.... Astrapophobia

At least your's doesn't get you laughed at xD

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