News: Butane Combustion High Voltage Capacitor Launcher

Butane Combustion High Voltage Capacitor Launcher

Here's a little gadget I made based on the concept of a potato launcher, a stungun, and a dart gun. The gun uses an explosive gas (butane) to launch a charged high voltage capacitor at a target. The gas is ignited by a small spark, created by a pulse transformer. The trigger automatically fills the combustion chamber with the correct amount of gas, then ignites it with the pulse transformer. The result: a long range stun dart gun.

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looks like that could really hurt. Do you also make potato guns?

yes, well, the concept. i prefer to shoot tennis balls or golf balls; less messy items XD

Jesus... that looks like a laser gun! You've got to make a how-to on this! It's pretty cool to see the blue spark ignite the gas.

alright, ill make a tutorial on it :) its rather difficult to make however, but I'll redesign it so it can be made from everyday PVC

Hello, please make a tutorial video. I´know what a capacitor is. I know about electicity and electronics. I´ve been looking for a NON lethal self defense weapon and this looks great.

What exactly does it shoot? I know you said above, but Im not sure I understand.

well, it shoots high voltage capacitors. a capacitor is basically a battery, but can hold large amounts of voltage and current. however, the capacitor discharges very quickly, unlike a battery. so basically, this device shoots one-shot high voltage discharge modules. they deliver a shock of about 600 volts.

I know what a capacitor is, but does it actually shoot a capacitor? This is really cool btw

thanks! :) and yes, it actually shoots the capacitor. if you look closely you can see a little spark when the dart hits the can, thats it discharging :)

It seriously does look like a laser gun!

I work with electronics. This is a cool idea. Can't wait for your tutorial!

still working on it :) the parts i used aren't really available easily lol. so im redesigning it so it can be made out of everyday pvc.

Absolutely fascinating and very clever design.

Is the cap connected to the dart?
Cap soldered to dart?

I'd love to see a tut on the one in the video but sure, a simpler version would be cool too.
Can you include specs, like cap discharge levels?
Have you thought about some kind of clip for multiple shots?

thanks for your comment! and yes, the capacitor is connected to a "feather" or fin if you will, that keeps it from spinning while moving at high speeds. the capacitor discharges at about 600V, not sure about the amps though. and yes, the new design does have a clip and better valve for rapid fire. the device charges and fires the capacitors at the same time.

thanks. Looking forward to the tut.

can you make some vdo how to make it i dont understand

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