Dueling Plasma: Singing Tesla Coils' Shocking Battle to the Death

Singing Tesla Coils' Shocking Battle to the Death

Tesla coils are electrically satisfying in so many ways. But what happens when a guitar-playing city coil has a run-in with a backwoods, banjo-playing, inbred coil? A musical duel to the death! Watch these two Tesla coils battle it out as they play Dueling Banjos. Shocking. Just shocking.

Okay, so it's no secret that Tesla coils can create a wonderful light show of electricity, but by modulating the frequency, they quickly turn into powerful singing Tesla coils—the key to any electromaniac's music box. No speakers needed. Only soulful sparks of pure plasma.

Check out some other electrically charged, euphonious tunes below. Also, this amazing video.

(1) A few Zeusaphones playing Super Mario Brothers theme. (2) Mortal Kombat theme. (3) A compilation of various tunes. (4) AC/DC, eat your heart out. (5) Bjork incorporating a Tesla coil into live performance of "Thunderbolt". (6) A Space Odyssey, Ghostbusters, and Mega Man combo.

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