News: Can someone help me?

Can someone help me?

Hi everyone!

I love the ideas what you showed us and the how to make does electric stuffs, but I had some ideas:

  1. How can I make a good power-plant at home so that I wouldn't need to pay taxes on electricity(like in my basement)?
  2. How to build robots or just machines that could move almost freely(wirelessly connected to a main computer)?
  3. How can I make my own computer(like what kind of circuits and how to connect them and I want to make the micro-chips(it wont be micro, but still I want to make it to)?

I need a lot of help because I'm just 15 years old, 9th grade student who just know the very basic electricity like conductors/semi-conductors/non-conductors, parallel/series circuits and thats all (ok I know how to build an electromagnet and an electromotor to, but no more).

Please help me because I'm just a beginner in this,  but I'm willing to learn about it more so please make walk throughs and link websites were I can learn about this more.

Another thing is that I'm in China so there is no Youtube and Facebook. But if you tell me what are the title of the videos that you have putted up on youtube I can find them.

This is all thanks for reading!

I hope you like my ideas and make post on them to how to make them.

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Hey! Welcome to Fear Of Lightning :)
I have a couple clarification questions, what do you mean by "power-plant"? there are many ways to create electricity using fossil fuels, light, wind, and other sources of kinetic/chemical energy. Also, by computer, do you mean a data processor, ie, handling input/output and computing requests? Computers are very complex, it would be near impossible to build an average laptop from scratch. However, there are many simple projects in using PIC/Atmel chips in creating simple devices.
Check out this website for more information on microprocessors:

Under power-plant I meant a generator that doesn't use fossil fuel but if we start it it will make electricity that will be enough to power itself and other objects. I know how to make this, but I dont know how to control it, so I dont know how can I make it stay at a certain level of electricity making. And I dont want to use brakes like in cars or bicycles because after a time I will need to change it. Another thing that I dont know what is kinetic energy I searched it on wikipedia but I just got more confused seeing does equations. I know the chemical and thats almost easy but there is an issue: water is the most common and if you make hydrogen and oxygen out of it and burn it you get energy but you will have to use this energy to make more hydrogen and oxygen and all over again so you wouldn't be able to use a little of energy. And with other chemicals that would be almost the same or just one use. well there is another thing that I really want to know how we make a solar panel, not using a lot of mirrors to make a heat plant.
Thanks again!

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