How To: Make a Prank Stun-Baton

Make a Prank Stun-Baton

In this article, I'll show you how to make a portable prank stun-baton. Powered by static electricity, simply charge up the baton, and discharge it for a static surprise. The concept behind this device ties in with Leyden jars, and their tendencies to retain static electricity.

For more information on Leyden jars, click here.


  1. A piece of 1.5" PVC, about 1/16 of an inch thick (the width of the plastic itself) and 1.5 feet long. 
  2. Tin foil
  3. Hot glue
  4. Two screws or bolts (two inches long)
  5. Wire
  6. Ping pong ball or similar ball in size
  7. Bottle cap (from a water bottle or milk jug)
  8. Some one inch thick foam (like blue insulation foam, or similar)
  9. Clear tape (like TuckTape or boxing tape)


1. First, take a piece of tin foil about the same length as the diameter of the pvc, and wrap it around, like this:   

2. Now, cut a piece of tin foil about the same length as the INSIDE diameter of the pvc, and half an inch shorter that the length of the pvc, like this: 

3. Roll up the tin foil carefully, insert it into the pvc, and tape it in place. Then wrap the entire thing in tape, like this:

4. Take the ping pong ball and insert the screws/bolts about half an inch apart, like this:

5. Cut two pieces of wire and attach them to each screw/bolt, then glue the ball and bolts to a piece of foam the same size in length and width as the pvc:

6. Secure the first wire to the foil on the inside of the pvc, and the other wire to the foil on the outside. 

7. Glue the ping pong ball to the pvc, so that the inner wire fits inside the pvc, and the bolts/screws point out vertically, like this:

8. Now, take the bottle cap and insert it in the bottom of the pvc and glue it in place:


To use, simply bring the nails close to a source of static electricity, like a tube TV. You can also rub a piece of wool on another piece of pvc, while holding the stun baton close to the other pvc. To discharge, short the two bolts. The voltage is harmless, so feel free to surprise your friends ;) 

For a more powerful, smaller, and electronic shocker, check out How to Make a High-Lighter Stun-Gun. Also, if you're interested in other DIY electronic weapons, check out Making Electromagnetic Weapons: The EMP Generator


  • Don't rip the tin foil, it causes loss of corona, or static charge. 
  • Try and make the tin foil as tight as possible on the outside and inside of the tube.
  • Don't put the bolts too close together in the ping pong ball, otherwise they will cause the static to arc prematurely.


  • Don't burn yourself on the hot glue gun.
  • I am not responsible for any damage or harm you cause.
  • The bolts are sharp! Don't jab your friends too hard....

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shouldn't the wire's stripped edge come into contact with the surfaces of tin foils itself? looks like it just glued onto tuck-tape, without any stripped wire edge.

yes, I slit the tuck tape and inserted the wire so it came in contact with the tin foil. the glue you see is just what i put over the insulated portion :)

Thanks for the tip though, I've edited it and further clarified the securing of the wires to the foil :)

If Vefa's making one of these things, I'm keeping my distance from her :).

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