Making Electromagnetic Weapons: Directed Microwave Energy

Directed Microwave Energy

Welcome to Microwave Energy—the next part of my Making Electromagnetic Weapons series. For the Electromagnetic Pulse Generator, check out the last three articles (One, Two and Three).

I'm sure almost all of you have used a microwave at some point in your lives. As a child, I always found microwaves fascinating; the idea of heating food with invisible energy, and even creating lightning should the user accidentally microwave metal! However, microwaves are not only used for heating food. Microwave energy generally falls under the 2.4 GHz (Gigahertz band). This same band is used by many wireless technologies such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Microwaves consist of any wavelength between 300 MHz (0.3 GHz) and 300 GHz. The range (energy) depends on the "strength" of the wavelength. 

Here's a visual representation of the electromagnetic spectrum:

Making Electromagnetic Weapons: Directed Microwave Energy

Simple Cooking Appliance or Lethal Weapon? 

Well, it really depends. In this article, I'll be going over the simple basics of a microwave weapon, since microwave energy is a huge topic. In its simplest form, any waveform transfer of energy starts with excited particles and ends with excited particles.

Inside a microwave, you'll find a large transformer (called a MOT or Microwave Oven Transformer), a large capacitor (rated around 1-2 kV; 1-100 uF), some high voltage diodes (for rectifying the alternating current from the transformer), a magnetron (the microwave emitter—I'll go into this later), and other electrical components for operating the main electronics.

In a Microwave Weapon (MW), the components can be as simple as a magnetron, a transformer, a diode, and a capacitor. Of course, the magnetron is certainly not that simple, consisting of several finely tuned "antennas" and other components. A basic illustration of how a magnetron works is pictured below: 

Making Electromagnetic Weapons: Directed Microwave Energy

The round "1" is an electron source, the area between the power source and the antenna is the electron "accelerator", and the antenna itself is a simple way of "amplifying" and broadcasting the electron energy at a specific frequency. When these "tuned electrons" hit an object (specifically water or metal), they excite the molecules and generate heat, or in the case of metal, electrical energy. This is why microwaves are so dangerous compared to EMPs. Microwaves not only wreck havoc on electronics, but also can harm living beings.

This is where I must issue a WARNING!!! Microwaves are extremely dangerous. They can PERMANENTLY HARM YOU! If you feel even the slightest uncertainty towards the physics, dangers, and overall understanding of microwaves, DO NOT construct a microwave weapon. 

The Construction 

The best way to create a homemade microwave weapon is with an old microwave. If you want to upgrade to a more powerful, long range device, it's practically impossible unless you have a physics lab with extensive measuring equipment. However, an average microwave puts out 1,000-2,000 watts of energy, quite enough for destroying electronics.

Microwaves tend to "fly in all directions" unless they are directed. However, this is what the antenna does—directs the microwaves. In my experimentation, I discovered that a slight cone-shaped metal funnel has the best microwave-focusing ability. I was able to fry an old cell phone from up to 10 feet using three magnetrons and one funnel. This constitutes to about 6,000 watts (W) of directed energy, quite an accomplishment for 15 bucks spent at a thrift store. The circuit diagram for each individual magnetron looked something like this: 

Making Electromagnetic Weapons: Directed Microwave Energy

On a basic level, the circuit consists of a transformer, a voltage doubler (diode and capacitor) and a magnetron. The three MOTs draw lots of power, so I had to hook everything into a thick, direct mains line. The magnetron itself looks like this: 

Making Electromagnetic Weapons: Directed Microwave Energy

There are two large magnets that "direct" the electrons as they pass through the antenna. Also, the device has a heat sink to cool off. There are many other components and function aspects of the magnetron that are very complicated, but interesting. If you're curious, check out the information in this article

Once finished, the entire apparatus should look something like this: 

Making Electromagnetic Weapons: Directed Microwave Energy

The waveguide (or metal funnel cone) guides the microwaves in a linear direction, and allows them to be focused in a specific direction. Once directed, the microwaves can generate electrical current in any conductive metal they encounter. How much electricity they generate is determined by the distance from the magnetron and the power of the output. The microwave gun will also disrupt wireless communications (depending on their frequencies) and excite water molecules. 


  • MICROWAVES ARE VERY VERY DANGEROUS. DO NOT attempt to build this device unless you are very very confident in your understanding of the dangers, correct practice of safety, and legal concerns. 
  • HIGH VOLTAGE! Microwave Transformers can easily kill you! Treat then with respect! Remember... Fear of Lightning. 
  • DO NOT use this device on anything or anywhere where it violates FCC rules or any other legal constraint! 
  • I am not responsible for any damage, harm, or legal trouble you get yourself into.

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hi i am a college boy and i want to make a smal EMP for school project with power to light a bulb at 10 cm distance ca you help me with a plan and parts value

hi! what type of lightbulb? there are many, many circuits that can easily light a florescent light from up to ten feet! however, incandescent lights are much more difficult.

yes for a incadescent lights bulb (i find some photo to internet but i dont know the value for parts) transistor/3 capacitors and 2 resistance and a cople of wire

oh I see, hmm. Is it 100 percent necessary for the bulb to be incandescent? Also, can you link me to the pictures?

i dont remeber the web site but i save the picture in my pc were can i send you?

its alright, i found some photos. It looks like they're using Tesla's "Radiant Energy" project. You could also theoretically do this with induction and a receiver coil, but that's also very difficult. I would advise simply using a florescent light and a plasma globe circuit with an antenna. Anything else either requires large antennas on the lightbulb itself, or a beam of microwave energy...which is very dangerous if misused.

Dude I really need your help my neighbor is harassing me with this device how do I counter it or block . please help me

My name is R. B. as well. Born '50'. For 10 years I've been attacked here at my residence on a daily basis. Police won't help...FCC won't help...No lawyer will take the case...I hear no sounds...just feel pain. I'm positive I know who it is but can't prove it. The electric company will not help either...(smart meters can track pulses in electric. ) I'm waiting for the market to drop so I can buy another place.(this is a condo development.) Hope you're not going through what I'm experiencing ..

i find something similar on youtube

oh! that's very easy to make :) hes using a florescent bulb, those are very easy to light up with a small amount of high voltage. Google "Simple Flyback Driver" and built the circuit, all you need is an old tube TV, all the parts are inside. Then, make an antenna with a coil of copper wire and attach it to the high-voltage output of the flyback transformer. Now, turn on the flyback (it should easily run on nine to twelve volts) and bring the florescent tube close to the antenna. It'll light up! :)

thx man :) i go to breack a tv and i give you the answer after:)

Hi man i didnt find a old tv to beak:) but maybe you can tell me what are those parts and wath value i need to meke this divice this parts i can buy from electronic shop

the slot machine hack is quite difficult and rarely works...but ill check out the specs and see.

I appreciate your help this is a link with some a few extra information

can someone help me .. what we need to build transistor EMP pulse?? will beg.

I can not figure out what the transistor used by youtube, if you please help me with this information? My email. of suflet.multumesc advance please. especially the electronics siteu_making

hello, i tried to make an emp device using this schematic, but it doesn`t work, i used a (one) 9v battery , and it doesn`t have output power, it takes out about 2v. what is wrong? what should i modify? thanks

I know I need to change my Id pic, Question Chris, I pretty sure my neighbor is using some kind of magnetic field to hurt me as this war has been going on fo 5 years, For the last 6 months , a boom boom music extremly loud all hours penatrate through my walls wake me up now this 350 feet away. Now wierd sound deep slow base unreconizable.

Like a jet engine. And a ultra high continious ping hurting my ears in the house. Im sure they want me to move.

Now there are 3 neighbors torturing me. Its like all 3 things at once , It comes through the wall i get sick and my heart feels tight its like the wave goes right through me and i feel a magnetic field out side my front door. Yesterday I walked to the mail box and i felt a tinge tinge continuious like the fpl guy said if was a line problem this is it but with a mag field. Now I have been reserching and I believe the weapon is a microwave with some extra torture thrown in. Out side it is like a dead zone no birds no lizards my cat will not come in the house my dogs not happy. This is killing me. So last night i positioned my van in the offending dierction and it blocked the wave. But the neighbor set it up next door and had severl thing going. I did get sleep

I guess my question is what does a hi powered microwave sound like. I do hear deep rumbling are they hiding the noise with base sound The cops want to arest me . NO SPELL CHECK


Are there any legal actions you took and can you give me some advice

I read your post just now about the Neighbors assaulting you with microwave waepons. You are what we call a Targeted Individual. This has been happening to me for six years but with me they do so much more than just fry me. They follow me 24/7 and break into my home. as well as many other diabolical bulls"""t .

What have you done to protect yourself as this will cause a bevy of symptoms like cancer, Rashes on your skin. Boils, Ear ringing. Use a Faraday cage if possible. you can build your own. Also start paying attention when you go out. See if anyone has been in your home by setting a trip of some sort so you know if they have. I would like to hear more about how you are dealing with this.

Thanks and God Bless *

I'm going through exactly what you are I feel like a bad of microwave popcorn I have planes helicopters fly over me all day I'm homeless and constantly on the move it's the cops and low level street thugs the perps are from all genders tax brackets I feel like a government experiment they run me off the road at high speeds I have videos of two guys hooking up AA batteries and instantly feeling violently ill ears ringing my joints hurting me I have drones on me at night and in the dark I can see the direction the energy is coming from there is no good out come to being gang stalked , were only alive as long as they want us to be

*am radio will pickup with buzzing noise

Walk around house with little portable am radio check all led lightbulbs and TV for their wave sound different EMF I will have different sound also if you know the frequency your looking for you can tune to a multiple of it i.e. a tenth or hundredth or thousandths


Are you okay this post is marked 5 years ago, and you had already been going through the effects for 5 years at the time you posted? That's 10 years? Are you still having the same problems?

This has been happening to me as well . For well over a year , I was living in a house till five months ago . You are being gang stalked . They cook me with energy every day . When I was still at my house they would come over and tell me to turn down my music even if you couldn't hear out side of my living room . I later found out my subs were drowning out their low level frequency they were blasting at me , I now live in a camper and they follow me everywhere I go. I thought it would end when I moved out but it only got worse I was a sitting duck out on the streets . Google gang stalking my friend but sit down when you read it, some people aren't ready to know what really goes on and you'll be shocked to find this is your local government cops and all other first responders behind this

I used to take microwave ovens apart all the time, and wanted to make one of these but never did. No time like the present! BTW, isn't this what HAARP is, but smaller?

it was cool..................................................................... for reading

I made the same project as my final year project ,it was interesting :)

waveguide was the difficult task in making this project because one have to capture more and more microwaves. My project was just a prototype and i was able to light a bulb of 24W ,upto 1meter.

please delete

i have ask my self where can i learn this technology ,but pleas i wish to no more .

Last photo in your article shows funnel mounted on top of one magnetron.
However, you writing -
"I was able to fry an old cell phone from up to 10 feet using three magnetrons and one funnel."
I can't understand how you could connect three magnetrons and one funnel.
Please help, or better give photo or drawing.
Thank you.

Do not,plays with magnetron after scraped,poisoning/hazardous.
cause containing barium sulfur,can caused lung cancer.

So if someone is.using this.illegal hat steps should I take?

What is the formula for determining the effective distance of the MW beam in air? Based on the power rating of the magnetron? Power output = distance of MW energy beam?

Also formula for determining the width or shape of the MW beam?

I need this as self defense from my crazy mad scientist BF.


For a new application, I am looking for a microwave source that can generate microwave beam with a specific beam shape.
It can be also a microwave oven that heats only in one direction. I do not need coherent radiation.
Does anyone know masers or microwaves-beam suppliers?
thank you

All the brainiacs on this site an no one can answer my question for over 7 months?

What is the formula for determining the effective distance of the MW beam in air? Based on the power rating of the magnetron? Power output = distance of MW energy beam?

Also formula for determining the width or shape of the MW beam?

Not a beam. This is pulse energy. The magnetron emits the microwave in the same pattern as if you'd throw a stone in the water. Mechanical interference (the cone) stops the waves from propogating uniformly from their starting point and instead sends them in a general direction. The directional mechanism affects the strength of the wave. As the waves bounce inside the cone, they also bounce into each other creating static charges thus reducing the overall efficiency. If, instead of using a cone, you decided to use a tube because you're hellbent on building a raygun. It wouldn't work. Remember that stone you through in the water? Well, throw a stone inside a long culvert and observe the wave pattern it emits. You'll barely get a dribble coming out at the end. A magnetron is a pulse emitter, and by nature, will travel by following the same laws of physics that apply to all free waves. MW beams would require tremendous energy, not just to produce, but to also project out of a weapon, as it would more than likely come out in plasma form and have mass. So now, you're throwing a stone in a big pool of wet cement, so you better pick a big one and throw it real hard if you want anything to happen.

Regarding the equation to calculate the distance travelled by a MW, it's complicated. Variables upon variables are in play until the wave finally leaves the cone. Then, you have to factor in dissipation as it gets further from its starting point. Much easier to figure out in a lab environment. You build your emitter and your antenna. Those now become constants. You can now start making waves using power supplies of different amperages as well as the biggest capacitor you can find. The bigger the magnetron, the farther you'll be able to reach. Don't believe those Ukrainians with their triple-magnetron gun. You could put ten of them and it wouldn't increase your range. You would just see a change in the light bulb's flickering frequency. The more magnetrons you have, the more pulses you produce, that's all. You want a big magnetron? CERN in Switzerland is the place to go.

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